Hello! My name is Billye Hill and I am the mother of 10-year old Sydney. I have a passion for positive images and the impact that images have on today’s youth, specifically African-American girls. I truly believe images our young girls see set the foundation for the future.  Growing up I used to see profiles of Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Frederick Douglas around the border of my classroom wall. To my surprise, I notcied the same profiles at my 10-year old daughter’s school one day. I  immediately thought, it is good to still see the profiles; but are there more people to feature 30+ years later? Are there possibly more relatable people for today’s youth? How many unsong legends in the making today exist that no one knows about? Is there a more engaging way to teach our children about famous African-Americans? Born out of all of these thoughts came “She’s All That”. Think of it as a play date with a purpose – combining positive images with an arts and crafts activity.


After hours of profile research I came up with over 150 profiles. I dwindled it down to 75 – we pay homage to legends as well as include younger girls achieving greatness today. I held the first event in 2016 (in my home) with a core group of my daughter’s friends. It went over so well, we are expanding! In the future we will also add on additional components for the girls that have already completed the scrapbook. Please come out and join us on March 5th – I hope you enjoy the event!